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  • Date and time Fri 6 Dec 2019 from 9:15am to 12:30pm
  • Location Royal Society of Medicine
  • Organised by Otology

Harvard Professor Dr Dennis Poe and a host of top specialists will give you a comprehensive overview of the Eustachian tube and common otological issues.

In the first half of the meeting, Dr Poe will share his immense knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the Eustachian tube. In the second half, an expert panel of UK otologists will join him to tackle a range of taxing but common otological issues.

By the end of the meeting, participants should understand the functioning of the Eustachian tube in health and have a better understanding of the role of Eustachian tube balloon dilatation and of the assessment and management of the patulous Eustachian tube.

Issues covered in the roundtable will help delegates manage a wide variety of otological conditions including:

  • The assessment of the postnasal space in patients with unilateral glue ear
  • The role of anticoagulation in ear surgery
  • Management of tympanic membrane retraction pockets
  • The role of obliteration in mastoid surgery
  • Techniques for tympanic membrane repair
  • Management of osteomyelitis of the skull base

This event is free for RSM members and it is part of the second annual ENT day at the RSM, taking place in the morning before the Laryngology meeting ‘Common things are common’ in rhinology, dysphonia & the intercollegiate exam

All ENT events are free for RSM members. The Otology president, Mr Chris Aldren, and the Laryngology and Rhinology president, Prof Tim Woolford, have written on ENT and Audiology News magazine about the programmes for each section:

Save the dates and join us for another academic year of high quality education and networking.

The Laryngology, Rhinology and Otology Section would like to thank DP Medical, KARL STORZ, Medtronic and Oticon Medical for supporting their Academic Year 2019 to 2020 Programme of Events.

We would also like to thank our exhibitors for this event:

Advanced Bionics, MED-EL, Minim Healthcare, Mitchell Wealth Management Ltd and Stryker.

Please note that none of the companies listed have had any influence or involvement over the agenda, content or organisation of this meeting.

Key speakers

Dr Dennis Poe

Dr Dennis Poe

Professor of Otolaryngology at Harvard Medical School and a full-time faculty member of the Department of Otolaryngology and Communications Enhancement at Boston Children’s Hospital

Speaker's biography

Dr Dennis Poe is a Professor of Otolaryngology at Harvard Medical School and a full-time faculty member of the Department of Otolaryngology and Communications Enhancement at Boston Children’s Hospital, where he is the incumbent recipient of the Sarah Fuller Chair in Neurotology.  He studied medicine at State University of New York Upstate Medical University, trained in Otolaryngology at the University of Chicago, and did a Neurotology fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee with Michael E. Glasscock, MD III. He has spent his career in Boston, MA practicing Otology/Neurotology and Skull base surgery.  He has worked to develop minimally invasive endoscopic surgical techniques and developed new procedures for Eustachian tube disorders.  His research activities focus on otitis media and disorders of the Eustachian tube, specifically investigating the inflammatory basis of Eustachian tube dysfunction and conducting research on novel medical and surgical treatments.  He completed a PhD in 2011 at the University of Tampere, Finland in Pathophysiology and Surgical Treatment of the Eustachian tube and did postdoctoral work with Prof. Ilmari Pyykkö, PI for the NanoEar European Union consortium on nanotechnology for targeted delivery of inner ear and middle ear therapy.  He runs the International Eustachian Tube Study Group.  He participated in the design of a balloon dilation device for the Eustachian tube and served as the principal investigator for a multicenter clinical trial of Balloon Dilation of the Eustachian Tube that concluded in 2016. On 16 September 2016, the FDA issued the clearance for the balloon dilation device, which represented a significant achievement as it became the first ever treatment for the Eustachian tube, medical or surgical, to be approved by the FDA.  This milestone has opened the door for subsequent treatments for Eustachian tube disorders.  He was a consultant to the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery for the recently published Clinical Consensus Statement Committee on balloon dilation.  He is traveling extensively to provide education about Eustachian tube disorders and treatments, including helping to introduce the balloon procedure to surgeons.


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Registration, tea and coffee
Medical and surgical management of obstructive eustachian tube

Professor Dennis Poe, Professor of Otolaryngology, Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School

The patulous Eustachian tube - much more common than we thought

Professor Dennis Poe

Tea and coffee break
The hearing medicines discovery syndicate – connecting with expertise and infrastructure in hearing therapeutics

Ralph Holme, Executive Director of Research, Action on Hearing Loss

Practical everyday otology roundtable

Mr Chris Aldren, Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, Windsor and President, Otology Section, Royal Society of Medicine, Professor Dennis Poe, Mr Ian Bottrill, Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, John Radcliffe Hospital,  Oxford, Mr James Tysome, Consultant  Ear, Nose and Throat  and Skull Base Surgeon, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Mr Samuel Mackeith, Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford and Miss Kay Seymour, Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, Barts and Royal London Hospitals

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Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole St, Marylebone, London, W1G 0AE, United Kingdom