About this event

  • Date and time Mon 11 Nov 2019 from 12:30pm to 5:40pm
  • Organised by Intellectual Disability

Join us to explore best practice in the management of physical and mental health conditions in people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) across the lifespan.  

High-profile speakers will address the health inequalities that people with autism spectrum disorders face, running through the treatment guidelines around these methods of protection. 

You will: 

  • Gain an overview of the extent of health inequalities that people with autism spectrum disorders experience. 
  • Be introduced to the best practice guidelines in primary healthcare to overcome some of the health inequalities discussed 
  • Appreciate the common complications during the transition from adolescence to adulthood for people with autism spectrum disorders, with the opportunity to suggest ways of addressing these problems
  • Be able to outline the best practice in the management of epilepsy and the management of psychosis.




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Key speakers

Professor Patricia Howlin

Kings College, London

Speaker's biography

A pioneering researcher and founding editor of the journal Autism

Professor Gyles Glover

Consultant in Public Health

Speaker's biography

Expert on health inequalities facing people with developmental disorders

Dr Silvana Unigwe

Royal College of General Practitioners

Speaker's biography

Author of the recently published GP Toolkit for people with ASD

Dr Rohit Shankar OBE

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Speaker's biography

National expert on Epilepsy & SUDEP


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Registration, tea and coffee
Welcome and introductory comments

Dr Martin Bollard, President, Intellectual Disability Forum, Royal Society of Medicine

Psychosis in ASD: Misdiagnosis, Missed Diagnosis & Treatment Approaches

Dr Regi Alexander, Associate Dean, Royal College of Psychiatrists & Editor, Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry of ID and Mr Tadhgh Lane, Expert by Experience and Advisory Board Member- RADiANT (Research in Developmental Neuropsychiatry)

'The GP toolkit’ - techniques for delivering primary healthcare to the autistic population

Dr Silvana Unigwe, General Practitioner, NHS

Panel discussion with presenters
Tea and coffee break
Healthcare Issues in Adolescence and Early Adulthood

Professor Patricia Howlin, Kings College, London

Sudden Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) and Developmental Disabilities

Dr Rohit Shankar OBE, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, Cornwall & University of Exeter and Ms Sammy Ashby, Deputy Chief Executive, SUDEP Action

Services for People with Autism- The 2018 Local Area Self Assessment

Professor Gyles Glover, Public Health England

Panel discussion with presenters
Closing comments

Dr Martin Bollard, President Intellectual Disability Section, Royal Society of Medicine