RSM Venous Forum annual meeting 2018


Monday 25 June 2018
to Tuesday 26 June 2018

2 day

Venue Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street
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Venous Forum


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about this event

This meeting will provide delegates with an update on a wide range of venous diseases. 

The Venous Forum annual meeting is back again this year with another programme that will intrigue everyone that attends. The programme presents a series of symposia's that will each discuss important aspects of venous disease; including wounds and their healing, varicose vein treatments and the EVRA trial results. 

This programme promises to be insightful and informative for all delegates. 

Trainee Masterclass

In addition to the annual Venous Forum meeting, there will be a trainee masterclass on Wednesday 27 June 2018. To find out more information and book onto the trainee masterclass, please click here.

Trainees and Nurses that are attending both days of the annual conference (Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 June), can have a complimentary place at the Trainee Masterclass on Wednesday 27 June 2018. If you would like to claim your place, please email and the Event Coordinator can register your place. 

Optional Dinner

Price: £75 per person

Please note that the optional dinner will be held outside of the RSM at The High Timber

Details on travelling to the restuarant will be available soon. 




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*Programme subject to change


Monday 25 June 2018

8.30 am

Registration, tea and coffee

9.15 am


Isaac Nyamekye, President, Venous Forum, Royal Society of Medicine

Symposium 1: Deep Venous Thrombosis Challenges

Steve Black and Manj Gohel

9.20 am

Optimal management of DVT in pregnancy

Catherine Nelson-Piercy

9.30 am

Iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis: Percutaneous endovascular treatment by pharmaco-mechanical thrombectomy

Steve Black

9.38 am

Anticoagulant therapy in the 21st Century Warfarin versus direct oral anticoagulant agents in prevention of recurrent venous thromboembolism

Francis Matthey

9.48 am

Post-thrombotic syndrome management: Past and present

Richard Bulbulia

9.56 am

Clinical indications for non-thrombotic deep vein intervention

Manj Gohel

10.04 am

Varicose veins and PTS: A dangerous liaison

Olivier Pichot

10.15 am

Panel discussion

10.30 am

The Royal Society of Medicine Venous Forum Lecture: Diagnosis and management of Lymphoedema in 21st Century

Peter Mortimer - Introduced by Mr Ian Franklin, Secretary, Venous Forum, Royal Society of Medicine

10.50 am

Tea and coffee break

Prize Paper Session

Mr Isaac Nyamekye and Mr Ian Franklin

11.20 am

Free paper one

11.28 am

Free paper two

11.36 am

Free paper three

11.44 am

Free paper four

11.52 am

Free paper five

12.00 pm

Free paper six

12.08 pm

Free paper seven

12.16 pm

Free paper eight

The EVRA Trial Results

Mr Isaac Nyamekye

12.25 pm

The Eschar Trial – key lessons learnt

Jamie Barwell

12.30 pm

What was the Rational for an(other) Ulcer Healing Trial

Manj Gohel

12.35 pm

The EVRA Trial – Methodology

Francine Heatley

12.40 pm

The key results of EVRA for the delivery of ulcer services

Alun Davies

12.45 pm

Implications of EVRA for delivery of UK Ulcer Services

Nicky Cullum

12.50 pm

Panel discussion

1.00 pm


Symposium 2: Joint SVN, LUC (leg ulcer coalition) and RSMVF on wounds and their healing

Una Adderley and Julie Brittenden

2.00 pm

What does the surface features of leg ulcers add to my diagnosis and management

Nikki Fenwick

2.08 pm

Challenges of managing ulcers with heavy exudate

Jane Todhunter

2.16 pm

Which compression system for my active venous ulcer, which hosiery for my healed venous ulcer?

Una Adderley

2.24 pm

Challenges of managing the painful venous ulcer

Alison Hopkins

2.32 pm

Patient compliance with compression therapy: Tips for winning the battle

Rebecca Elwell

2.40 pm

Sclerotherapy, thermal ablation or both for venous leg ulcers

Julie Brittenden

2.48 pm

Skin grafting in Nurse-led clinics: Which ulcers, when and how?

Colin Davies

2.56 pm

Management of legs ulcers: An original French experience

Fannie Forgues

3.04 pm

Panel discussion

3.15 pm

American Venous Forum Prize paper

Professor Gerard Stansby, Immediate Past President, Venous Forum, Royal Society of Medicine and Professor of Vascular Surgery, Newcastle upon Tyne

3.30 pm

Tea and coffee break

The RSMVF Debates with interactive voting

Professor Gerard Stansby

4.00 pm

Debate 1: Compression is necessary after foam sclerotherapy

Professor Bruce Campbell, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital and Jean-Luc Gérard

4.15 pm

Debate 2: Direct needle puncture (rather than limb cannulation and elevation) is the optimal method of foam sclerotherapy

Matthieu Josnin and Simon Ashley

4.30 pm

RSMVF Innovation: Video presentations and discussion

17.30 pm

RSMVF business meeting

6.00 pm

Close of day 1

Annual dinner

7.00 pm

Annual dinner

If you wish to attend the dinner, please choose the option when registering for the main meeting

Tuesday 26 June 2018

8.00 am

Registration, tea and coffee

Symposium 3: With SFP -21st Century Varicose Veins Treatments

Mr Isaac Nyamekye and Jean-Luc Gillet

8.30 am

Modern varicose veins Surgery: LA stripping, CHIVA, ASVAL, isolated phlebeclaneies: a view from Europe

Paul Pittaluga

8.38 am

Foam, steam and thermal therapy: Which treatment for which veins?

Réne Milleret

8.46 am

Does compression modify outcomes of interventional treatments for varicose veins

Professor Bruce Campbell

8.54 am

Randomised controlled study of EVLA and Foam in the SSV: A study from SFP (Fovelass Study)

Claudine Hamel-Desnos

9.02 am

Sclerotherapy in patients at thrombotic risk

Jean-Jérome Guex

9.10 am

Tips for treating Varicose veins in anticoagulated patients

Matthieu Josnin

9.18 am

Specific patterns of recurrence after different endovenous techniques

Tristan Lane

9.26 am

Thrombo-embolic complications of endovenous Varicose veins treatments: A review

Jean-Luc Gillet

9.34 am

Panel discussion

Symposium 4: Joint SVT/RSMVF session: Imaging insights into chronic venous disease

Stephen Black and Helen Dixon

9.40 am

Duplex assessment in patients presenting with C1 veins

Helen Dixon

9.48 am

Investigation on diameters of the GSV: A study from SFP (Diagraves study)

Claudine Hamel-Desnos

9.58 am

Should the primary endpoint for varicose veins treatments be based on duplex findings?

James Scurr

10.06 am

Imaging diagnosis of acute DVT, is the NICE guidance protocol adequate

Prakash Saha

10.14 am

Cross sectional imaging of ilio-caval veins

Chung Lim

10.22 am

A sonographic look at pelvic vein incompetence

Charmaine Harrison

10.30 am

Panel discussion

10.40 am

Tea and coffee break

Symposium 5: Cosmetic Vein Treatment: How To Manage Early Chronic Venous Disease From C0s to C1s

Saroj Das and Alun Davies

11.00 am

Sclerotherapy for Co and C1 veins: Is photo documentation important

Stephen Tristram

11.08 am

Foam or liquid sclerotherapy for C1 treatments?

Matthieu Josnin

11.16 am

Prevention strategies and management of iatrogenic pigmentation in phlebology

Jean-Jérome Guex

11.24 am

Indications for laser (rather than sclerotherapy) treatment in C0 and C1 veins

Mr Mark Whyman, Consultant Surgeon, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

11.32 am

Sclerotherapy for veins of the hand and foot

Marios Valsamis

11.40 am

Cosmetic vein treatment: The doctors obligations, the patient’s rights

Tony Fox

11.48 am

Panel discussion

Symposium 6: Management of rarer venous conditions

Mr Ian Franklin and Professor Bruce Campbell

12.06 pm

Surgical management of Subclavian vein thrombosis

Andrew Garnham

12.14 pm

Managing the chronically thrombosed IVC and iliofemoral veins

Andrew Willis

12.22 pm

Idiopathic and Iatrogenic venous thrombosis in children: Management and outcomes

Meryl Davis

12.30 pm

Multidisciplinary management of venous malformations and angiomas

Ian McCafferty

12.38 pm

Anatomical and hemodynamic connections between the pelvic venous network and the hemorrhoidal network

Jean Luc Gérard

12.46 pm

Pelvic veins embolization, haemorrhoids embolization and endothermal treatment in hemorrhoidal disease

Manj Gohel

12.54 pm

Thrombosis in unusual sites (portal vein, ovarian vein, sagittal sinus etc.)

Adam Gwozdz

1.02 pm

Panel discussion

1.15 pm


Symposium 7: Joint RSMVF/BAS/SFP. Foam sclerotherapy in 21st Century - Session A) Sclerotherapy treatments

Philip Coleridge Smith and Claudine Hamel-Desnos

2.10 pm

How can we improve the results of UGFS for larger varicose veins?

Simon Ashley

2.18 pm

Differing patterns of recurrence after surgery, laser, radiofrequency and foam sclerotherapy

Tom Wallace

2.26 pm

Should all Foam recanalisations be retreated?

Andrew Bradbury

2.34 pm

Foam Sclerotherapy for perineal and pelvic varicosities

Philip Coleridge Smith

2.40 pm

Panel discussion

Symposium 7: Joint RSMVF/BAS/SFP: Foam sclerotherapy in 21st Century - Session B) Neurological effects of sclerotherapy

Abdusalam Abu-Own and Fannie Forgues

3.00 pm

Blood effects on sclerosant activity: relevance to FS

M. Watkins

3.08 pm

Pathophysiology of neurological disturbances after sclerotherapy: current hypotheses ?

Lewis Meecham

3.16 pm

Should patients suffering from migraine be assessed before sclerotherapy

Anne Donnet

3.24 pm

Panel discussion

3.45 pm

International Guest Lecture: Management of Varicose veins: Major changes over the last two decades

Olivier Pichot - Introduced by Mr Isaac Nyamekye

4.15 pm

Awarding of prizes

4.20 pm

Closing remarks

Mr Isaac Nyamekye

4.25 pm

Close of meeting

Evaluation surveys and certificates will be sent by email

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