The past, present and future of colorectal cancer: The legacy of Dr Basil C Morson


Tuesday 2 May 2017

Half Day

Venue Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street
Organised by

Pathology Section , St Marks Association


4 CPD Points

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about this event

Dr Basil Morson was one of the world’s most eminent pathologists and the pioneer of gastrointestinal pathology. He died at the age of 94 in October 2016 and this afternoon symposium celebrates his enormous contributions to our understanding of colorectal cancer and brings together eminent speakers from his beloved St Mark’s Hospital, London and from the UK and North America.


To review the development of the understanding of the cellular pathology of colo-rectal cancer and its precursors and the impact on clinical practice and patient care with particular reference to the extraordinary contribution of Dr Basil Morson


  1. Know about the cellular pathology of intestinal polyps and the relevance to screening for colo-rectal cancers
  2. Understand the development of the concepts of clonal evolution of gastrointestinal cancer and the implications for clinical management
  3. Understand the links between understanding of the pathology of polyposis syndromes and improvements in clinical management
  4. Know about progress in understanding of the relevance of colo-rectal dysplasia
  5. Know about the place of colonoscopic detection of UC dysplasia


10.30 am

Memorial service of thanksgiving

St James Church, Spanish Place

12.00 pm

Registration and lunch

Session one

Mr Mark Gudgeon, President, Coloproctology Section, Royal Society of Medicine and Professor Neil Shepherd

1.20 pm

The life and times of Dr Basil Morson

Professor Neil Shepherd, Gloucestershire, UK

1.30 pm

The adenoma-carcinoma sequence: From Morson to Vogelstein and beyond

Professor Stanley Hamilton, Houston, USA

2.00 pm

Morson's polyps and colorectal cancer screening

Professor Wendy Atkin, London, UK

2.30 pm

The mystery of Morson's metaplastic polyps

Professor Geraint Williams, Cardiff, UK

3.00 pm

Basil Morson: His contributions to the concept of clonal evolution in gastro-intestinal cancer

Professor Sir Nicholas Wright, London, UK

3.30 pm

Tea and coffee break

Session two

Professor Ashley Price and Professor Robin Phillips

4.00 pm

Polyposis syndromes: Morson's impact on understanding and evolution of clinical management

Professor Sue Clark, London, UK

4.30 pm

Basil Morson and the surgeon: Inflammatory bowel disease and rectal cancer

Professor John Nicholls, London, UK

5.00 pm

Dysplasia in the Basil era and beyond

Professor Bob Riddell, Toronto, Canada

5.30 pm

Shedding new light on an old problem: Colonoscopic detection and treatment of UC dysplasia

Professor Brian Saunders, London, UK

6.00 pm

Close of meeting

6.30 pm

Dinner at the Royal Society of Medicine

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