Diet, nutrition and mental health and wellbeing


Tuesday 6 December 2016
to Wednesday 7 December 2016

2 day

Venue Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street
Organised by

RSM Professionals , The Nutrition Society


11 credits

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The aim of the conference is to provide an update on the understanding of the link between diet and mental health / mental wellbeing.


By the end of the conference delegates will:

  • Have insight into the scale and challenge of current mental health issues globally and nationally;
  • Appreciate the role poor nutrition plays in the development of psychopathologies;
  • Appreciate the potential role of nutrition in the treatment and management of psychopathologies

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Submit your research topic as an abstract and have the chance to present an oral or poster presentation during the two day conference. The deadline for submissions is Monday 5 September 2016. 

Further details on how to apply can be found here

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Join us this year to celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Nutrition Society and attend the drinks reception and dinner on Tuesday 6th December 2016. dinner is bookable when registering for the conference. 

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We are grateful to A2 Milk and California Raisons for supporting this meeting. 

We would like to thank our exhibitors, Aymes International, Cambridge University Press, Treating Autism and Yakult. 

Please note that none of the companies listed have had any influence or involvement over the agenda, content or organisation of this meeting.



Day 1 - Tuesday 6 December

8.30 am

Registration, tea and coffee

9.15 am

PLENARY: Mental health as an emerging public health problem

Professor Michael Berk, NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow, Alfred Deakin Professor of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Deakin University and Barwon Health, Australia

10.15 am

Tea and coffee break

Symposium I - Nutrition and the brain: How strong is the evidence?

10.40 am

Food for thought: Nutrition research in cognitive decline

Professor Eef Hogerworst, University of Loughborough

11.10 am

The impact of obesity and its consequences for cognitive function

Professor Louise Dye, Leeds Nutrition and Behaviour Group, School of Psychology, University of Leeds

11.40 am

Mechanistic underpinning of flavonoid-induced cognitive enhancement

Professor Jeremy Spencer, University of Reading

12.10 pm

Q & A panel discussion

Professor Michael Berk, Professor Eef Hogerworst, Professor Louise Dye and Professor Jeremy Spencer

12.30 pm


Oral communication and poster session I

1.30 pm

Session 1 - Conference relevant abstracts

Session A - General nutrition abstracts

2.30 pm

Tea and coffee break

Symposium II - Nutrition, cognition and emotion

3.00 pm

Consumption of high fat-sugar diets and cognitive impairment: Implications for understanding obesity and cognitive decline with ageing

Professor Martin Yeomans, Professor of Experimental Psychology, University of Sussex

3.30 pm

Neurocognitive and mood effects of phenolic compounds in healthy humans

Dr Crystal Haskell-Ramsey, Associate Professor, University of Northumbria

4.00 pm

The impact of diet-based glycaemic response and glucose regulation on cognition: Evidence across the lifespan

Dr Sandra Sünram-Lea, Department of Psychology, Lancaster University

4.30 pm

Q & A panel discussion

Professor Martin Yeomans, Dr Crystal Haskell-Ramsay and Dr Sandra Sünram-Lea

4.50 pm

Close of day and completion of evaluation form

5.00 pm

Drinks reception open to all attendees in the Atrium

6.30 pm

Conference dinner in the Cavendish Room

For all pre-booked attendees

Day two - Wednesday 7 December

8.00 am

Pre-conference sponsored symposium: Gut-brain-behaviour: Relevance to some autism?

Dr Paul Whiteley, Director, ESPA Research

8.45 am

Registration, tea and coffee

9.15 am

The Cuthbertson Medal lecture: Chronic pancreatitis: Negotiating the complexities of clinical nutrition in exocrine and endocrine dysfunction

Dr Sinead Duggan, Trinity College Dublin

Symposium III - Impact of nutrition on psychopathologies, impact of psychopathologies on nutrition

9.45 am

Bioactive nutrients for neurocognitive enhancement in health and disease

Professor Andrew Scholey, Director of Human Psychopharmacology, Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia

10.15 am

Nutrition, probiotics and impact on mental health

Professor John Cryan, Chair, University College Cork

10.45 am

Dietary modulation of brain plasticity: Implications for mental health

Dr Sandrine Thuret, Senior Lecturer and Head of the Neurogenesis and Mental Health laboratory, King's College London

11.15 am

Q & A panel discussion

Professor Andrew Scholey, Professor John Cryan and Dr Sandrine Thuret

11.35 am

Tea and coffee break

Oral communication session III

12.00 pm

Oral presentations

1.00 pm


Symposium IV - Public health and nutrition strategies to promote good mental health

2.00 pm

Improving wellbeing through dietary tryptophan supplementation

Dr Leigh Gibson, Reader, University of Roehampton

2.30 pm

The role of omega-3 fatty acids in ADHD, depression and related conditions: theory, evidence and practice

Dr Alex Richardson, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Evidence Based Intervention, University of Oxford

3.00 pm

Alcohol pricing policies - do they work and are they fair?

Professor Petra Meier, Professor of Public Health, ScHARR, University of Sheffield

3.30 pm

Q & A panel discussion

Dr Leigh Gibson, Dr Alex Richardson and Professor Petra Meier

3.50 pm

Close of meeting and completion of evaluation forms

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Conference dinner

We are holding a conference dinner on Tuesday 6 December here at the Royal Society of Medicine. You can book your place when registering for the conference and it is open to all delegates.

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