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  • Date and time Tue 23 Apr 2024 from 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Location Online
  • Organised by Digital Health

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) develops faster than ever, with generative AI, clinicians must keep up-to-date with its impact on their patients, care pathways and their careers.

This webinar will explore how AI is changing healthcare. Learn from innovators and businesses already using it to understand the state of NHS and social care data, and how it can be used to reduce inequalities, those subspecialties using AI with examples across radiology, cardiology, mental health and surgery, its impact on doctor-patient relationships, and regulations.

By attending this webinar, participants will learn:

  • The importance of clean data and linking data so it can be used for AI
  • How AI is changing the dr-patient relationship
  • What is needed to get regulatory approval for software

This webinar is available for on-demand viewing. The webinar recording will be available for registered delegates up to 60 days after the live webinar broadcast via Zoom. The link will be sent 24 hours after the webinar takes place. 

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Key speakers

Dr Michelle Tempest

Dr Michelle Tempest

Chief Executive Officer of Candesic

Speaker's biography

Dr Michelle Tempest worked as a hospital
doctor for over a decade. She is partner in a
strategy consultancy company, Candesic, who
deliver R&D level insight with CEO level clarity
in specialist sectors – life sciences, healthcare,
social care, digital, medtech and education. She
edited a book called ‘The Future of the NHS’ and
is author of ‘Big Brain Revolution: Artificial
Intelligence – Spy or Saviour’. She is a
Cambridge Angel investor, mentors Femtech
and AI start-ups.

Dr Dom Pimenta

Dr Dom Pimenta

Founder of Tortus AI

Speaker's biography

Dr Dom Pimenta graduated with triple distinction from UCL MBBS in 2012. After practicing for ten years in the NHS as a cardiologist, Dr Pimenta became a pharmaceutical physician via a stint in COVID ICU. During this time, Dr Pimenta ran large-scale digital health trials and published in the field of applied AI in healthcare.

Dr Pimenta became frustrated by the increasing power of clinical AI models in academia but the scarcity of application in the real-world. Deciding to make this his career mission, Dr Pimenta was accepted to Europe's best accelerator programme, Entrepreneur First, and met his co-founder Christopher Tan, an up and coming machine learning scientist.

Together they founded TORTUS, building the world's first AI agent for healthcare, a true co-pilot that can not only take over all software tasks from physicians, but use other forms of AI as well. Their vision is to 11950302.1 bring clinical AI tools into the hands of every physician, using any software system, anywhere.

Dr Pimenta was previously the founding CEO and later chair of The Healthcare Workers' Foundation, a charity that raised £3.2m to support healthcare workers during the 2020 COVID pandemic. Dr Pimenta has received multiple awards for his work, including the Young Investigator Award at the European Society of Preventative Cardiology and the Royal Academy of Engineers President's Award for Services to the Pandemic.

When not founding companies and charities, Dr Pimenta is a very busy husband and father of three, as well as the owner of a particularly famous cat.

Dr Harvey Castro

Dr Harvey Castro

Physician & Healthcare Consultant

Speaker's biography

With over two decades of experience as a physician, entrepreneur, and former CEO of a healthcare system, Dr. Castro has been instrumental in shaping the future of healthcare management. His extensive background encompasses clinical excellence and a keen prowess for strategic planning and the integration of cutting-edge healthcare practices.

Today, Dr. Castro stands at the forefront of the healthcare AI revolution. As a Strategic Advisor for GPT & Healthcare, he is pioneering efforts to harmonize healthcare professionals' brilliance with AI technologies' transformative potential. His work focuses on orchestrating AI adoption plans tailored to modern healthcare needs, bridging the technology-healthcare divide, empowering physicians, and optimizing healthcare systems for unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

An esteemed author and charismatic public speaker, Dr. Castro is dedicated to educating and inspiring a global audience about the transformative role of AI in healthcare. His unique blend of experiences in healthcare, physician collaboration, and healthcare management offers invaluable insights into the evolution of medical care.


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Welcome and introduction

Dr Michelle Tempest, Chief Executive Officer of Candesic and Author of ‘Big brain revolution – AI spy or Saviour?’ 

Session 1: Data quality and insights from artificial intelligence

Who owns healthcare data and how can it be used to improve patient care?

Dr Indra Joshi, former Director at Palantir 

Unlocking insights: The latest AI/ML breakthroughs in clinical data translation

Dr. Andrew Creagh, Lead AI/ML Scientist, Sanome

How can data be used to help reduce inequality?

Dr Rav Seeruthun, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of Health Equity.AI

Panel discussion
Tea and coffee break

Session 2: Artificial intelligence for the subspecialties

Artificial intelligence and radiology

Dr Farzana Rahman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Hexarad

Artificial intelligence and mental health

Dr Melinda Rees, Chief Executive Officer at Psyomics

Artificial intelligence for screening and remote patient monitoring (RPM)

Dr Mert Aral, Chief Medical Officer at Huma 

Artificial intelligence and surgical workflow systems

Bjoern von Siemens, Chief Finance Officer and Founder of Caresyntax

Immersive virtual reality for transforming healthcare education: A novel approach to addressing clinical training challenges

Shakthipriya Nandakumar, Winner of the Digital Health Section: Prize for Innovation


Session 3: How artificial intelligence is changing the doctor-patient relationship

ChatGPT in the doctor's office

Dr Harvey Castro

Questions and answers
Selfies move into healthcare: How consumers are using phones, from tracking to diagnostics

Nikhil Sehgal, Chief Technology Officer at Helfie.ai 

How can automation help save time for doctors and patients? A focus on e consent

Dr Dafydd Loughran, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder concentric health

Tracking mood using face and voice

Professsor Michel Valstar, Chief Evangelist and Scientific Officer and Founder of BLUESKEYE AI

Panel Discussion
Tea and coffee break

Session 4: Artificial intelligence uses and regulation

How doctors are leveraging artificial intelligence to change workflow?

Dr Dom Pimenta, Founder of Tortus AI

Talk title to be confirmed

Dr Sandy Wright, Clinical Lead at Scarlet

Legal risks to navigate in relation to artificial intelligence

Jocelyn Ormond, Corporate Partner & Head of Healthcare, Ashfords solicitors

Closing remarks

Dominic Cushnan, Director of AI at NHS England




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If the event is recorded, we are only able to share presentations that we have received permission to share. There is no guarantee that all sessions will be available after the event, this is at the presenter’s and RSM’s discretion.

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This event will be recorded and stored by the Royal Society of Medicine and may be distributed in future on various internet channels.

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