About this event

  • Date and time Thu 31 Mar 2022 from 12:01am to 31 Mar 2022 at 11:59pm
  • Location Online
  • Organised by Digital Health

This virtual masterclass will guide you through the stages of building AI solutions in healthcare, from development to deployment.

Join us to understand how to take an AI solution from idea to bedside and learn from those with expertise in the field. Each webinar will be split into three sessions, each covering a key stage in the development lifecycle of an AI healthcare product. 

This on-demand webinar will offer an overview of what you need to consider when designing and building AI models and solutions, as well as regulatory requirements to be aware of, and how to sell, deploy, monitor and fund AI solutions.

Session 1: ‘Design’

  • Appreciate that AI isn’t always the solution to healthcare problems
  • Understand the principles of co-design in the realm of AI and healthcare
  • Explore how AI can be incorporated into existing clinical workflows

Session 2: ‘Build’

  • Understand how to access data to feed AI models
  • Appreciate the steps and expertise required to build AI models
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the requirements around AI model validation

Session 3: ‘Regulate’

  • Understand the regulatory requirements that must be fulfilled prior to deployment
  • Appreciate the time frames and evidence required to achieve regulatory approval
  • Explore the future of regulation for AI in healthcare

Session  4: ‘Deploy’

  • Explore ways to successfully evaluate cost savings and health impact
  • Understand the differences between different healthcare markets
  • Appreciate the tools that can help AI solutions scale rapidly

Session 5: ‘Track’

  • Explore the requirements to track and monitor AI solutions after they are live
  • Understand how AI can be improved and optimised once it’s live
  • Appreciate the regulatory requirements to adequately monitor AI solutions

Session 6: ‘Raise’

  • Explore the state of venture funding for AI solutions in healthcare
  • Understand the preferences of investors when it comes to AI healthcare solutions
  • Appreciate the multiple ways of acquiring funding including grants, angel investment and bootstrapping

This virtual conference is ideal for healthcare professionals, digital health professionals, academics and students with an interest in AI technologies and a desire to understand how they can be successfully developed and deployed for healthcare purposes. You will receive the recordings of the conferences within 5 working days of booking.

CPD accredited - Delegates are eligible for 6 CPD credits by watching this webinar. A CPD certificate with 3 CPD credits will be issued per webinar to those who watch the webinar in its entirety. 

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On demand pricing available until 17 March 2022.


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£30.00 On-demand - Day 2
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Non - Member

Non - Member
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£30.00 On-demand - Day 2
Day 1
£30.00 On-demand - Day 1
£30.00 On-demand - Day 2



Disclaimer:All views expressed in this webinar are of the speakers themselves and not of the RSM nor the speaker's organisations. 

Special rates for difficult times
The RSM wishes to offer healthcare professionals continued learning opportunities during the coronavirus pandemic. The RSM’s weekly COVID-19 Series webinars remain free of charge, while there will be small charges to register for other online education. These fees will enable the RSM to continue its programme of activities and will apply during the course of the pandemic.

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