President’s Updates

July 2017


In B Sethia's final update as President, he congratulates those recognised in the Queen's Birthday honours and welcomes the new members of Council and the Chair of the Academic Board as he thanks those who have worked hard alongside him over the last few years.

June 2017


This month, B Sethia reflects on compassionate behaviour within the healthcare profession, the election for RSM Trustees and the RSM’s first Global Surgery summer school on delivering healthcare in resource-poor environments.

May 2017


In May’s update, B Sethia talks about key upcoming events, including the 100th anniversary of the Medical Women’s Federation. He also highlights future changes happening at the RSM.

April 2017


The RSM president discusses the Distinguished Fellowship that was awarded last month and looks forward to future awards and several key upcoming events.

March 2017


This month, the RSM President’s update touches on the current problems in the NHS, how to continue to educate the next generation of healthcare workers and the work being undertaken to improve the RSM’s membership offering.

February 2017


B Sethia discusses the progress made at the recent Council meeting, both in terms of membership an internal operations. He also comments on the upcoming Annual Fellows Meeting.

January 2017


B’s first update for 2017 talks about the future of the RSM’s membership and the RSM is extending its remit internationally. Plus you can also find out about his top academic picks for January.

December 2016


RSM President, B Sethia, welcomes two new key colleagues who will be joining us in the coming year and looks towards the key events to put in your diary and the progress of initiatives mentioned in previous months that 2017 will bring. 


November 2016

This month’s update looks at two key upcoming events and mentions how participating in the activities available at the RSM can be of benefit as we prepare for this turbulent year to start coming to an end.


October 2016

In October’s update, B Sethia highlights the recent flurry of activity at the RSM, with the release of our new magazine 'Engage' and plans to improve the Society as it moves into an age of new technology.


September 2016

This month, the RSM president provides an update on September’s council meeting, and highlights key upcoming events. He also welcomes the new Vice-President of the RSM, Martin Bailey.


august 2016

This month, B Sethia highlights the many partnership initiatives the RSM is undertaking, from global health awareness to widening access to careers in healthcare. He also pays tribute to CEO Ian Balmer who is leaving the RSM at the end of this year.


July 2016

In July’s update, B Sethia touches on the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change and how its first target area will be focussed on air pollution and its impact on health challenges, and debates shaping the RSM’s academic events to be non-partisan yet in line with our educational obligations.


June 2016

This month, B Sethia discusses the importance of discussing dying, death and bereavement. He also touches upon the recent Academic Board meeting and the future direction of CPD at the RSM.


May 2016

From the launch of the ‘Doctors of the Future’ collaboration with ITN Productions, to Council and Presidential elections and the role of doctors in 2025 – read all about it in this month’s Presidential update.


April 2016

This month’s post looks at how the RSM can be the voice of UK postgraduate healthcare education, especially as the current discord between the government and the medical profession has intensified.


March 2016

RSM President, B Sethia, reflects on how the RSM may be able support the educational healthcare initiatives which will be needed in the post-conflict arena, and generating forums to foster more effective discussion and good practices.


February 2016

This month, the RSM President reflects on how we can enhance the quality of patient care and broaden our personal horizons. Plus how the RSM can evaluate its progress and seek new ways to improve its contributions to society?


January 2016

From current developments to our plans for the future, there are changes happening at the RSM. To start of the New Year, B takes a look at new plans for the RSM and reflects on his favourite moments from the Christmas lecture in December. 


December 2015

In the lead up to Christmas, B Sethia reflects on the past year at the RSM, plus announces an exciting new partnership with the Health Professionals Alliance to Combat Climate Change, assembled alongside a number of the medical Royal Colleges, The BMJ, The Lancet and the Climate and Health Council.


November 2015

In this month’s update, RSM President B Sethia discusses the RSM’s new collaboration with the Global Health programmes at King’s College London (KCL), and gives us his ‘choices of the month’ of upcoming RSM lectures happening in November. 


October 2015

In October’s update, RSM President B Sethia reflects on the idea of hospitals and general practices accepting potential medical students for one week placements. He also takes a look at the RSM’s next Global Health Alert talk which focuses on the European refugee crisis.


September 2015

RSM President B Sethia welcomes the new Academic Dean Dr Fiona Moss and draws attention to September’s event highlights, which include celebrating the 150th anniversary of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson who was the first female doctor to qualify in the UK, the Medical Innovations Summit and annual Darwin Lecture.


August 2015

This month, B Sethia reflects on the RSM’s Public Engagement programme and its academic success and how the RSM is engaging in national initiatives to widen access to careers in medicine and healthcare. He also mentions our partnership with the Medic Portal, an organisation with huge expertise in helping prepare 6th-form students for to medical school.


July 2015

RSM President B Sethia writes to us from Italy where he is attending a conference on global health engagement and how the RSM is contributing towards future global health activities. B also reflects on the Society can help impact the standard of education on potentially contentious healthcare issues. 


June 2015

This month, B Sethia discusses how the educational opportunities and diversity of the RSM's academic programme are a major strength of the RSM. He also touches upon the recent Academic Board meeting and the issue of medical professionalism.


May 2015

In May’s President’s update, B Sethia reflects on the success of the RSM’s popular Medical Innovations Summit series, the importance of the RSM’s bi-annual membership survey, as well as his top event picks including the Stevens Lecture with past Vice-President of the RSM Professor Alan Roberts.


April 2015

In the lead up to the Easter break, President B Sethia reflects on the success of the RSM’s two recent events for school children, both which gave students an opportunity to learn more about medicine and encourage them to take it up as a career. B also touches upon a new initiative with the Medic Portal and gives his top academic picks for May.


March 2015

In the President’s update for March 2015, B draws attention to the RSM’s Global Surgery conference, at which The Lancet will present the results of their ‘Commission on Global Surgery’. He also talks about working with the medical Royal Colleges and the GMC to develop a series of collaborative meetings which focus on the issue of professionalism.


February 2015

This month, B’s update is all about how the RSM is looking to the future, from providing opportunities for young people who aspire to a career in medicine, to addressing the challenges relating to medical professionalism and behaviour of healthcare workers.


january 2015

B’s first update for the New Year recalls his key highlights from December, from being a ‘Dragon’ at the Otology Section’s prize meeting on innovation in otology to the truly enjoyable Christmas Lecture with the comedian Dr Phil Hammond, MD of Private Eye fame. Plus you can also find out about his top academic picks for January. 


december 2014

As we approach the end of the year, B talks about two of the RSM’s major awards which were recently awarded – the Wesleyan Trainee of the Year award and the Ellison-Cliffe Travelling Fellowship. He also previews the diverse range of academic programming 2015 will bring and highlights the importance of engaging with the aspirations of young people considering a career in healthcare. 


November 2014

B reflects on the outstanding events that have been held at the RSM, including an audience with Nobel Prize winners Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi, which is now available to watch online. Plus B talks Ellison-Cliffe lectures and future collaborations with Royal Colleges.


October 2014

In this month’s update, President, B Sethia, describes the privilege of honouring medical professionals who have contributed to the success of our Society with our Wall of Honour ceremony. Plus find out about B’s personal picks for the new academic year and the Council's agreed focus going forward for the RSM.


September 2014

Welcome to our new President B Sethia, To mark his term as RSM President, B will be writing regular updates for the website. His first update focuses on the new academic year, plus if you have any ideas that you wish to put forward, you can email him at



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