2017 RSM Council election: register your vote

Friday 5 May 2017

Voting is now open for the 2017 RSM Council election and Fellows and Associate Members of the Society are encouraged to make the most of their vote and choose the best candidates for the RSM Council.

Every year, RSM Members are invited to nominate candidates for vacancies on our Council. The RSM President sent out a call for nominations in January, from which 11 applications have been received.

This year, in order to comply with our rules, one of the members of Council has to be a Trainee (Young Fellow). We have received two nominations for this post:

Dr Sarah Filson Dr Rory Sheehan

The election process for the Trainee Representative will be a straightforward choice between the two candidates, with individuals voting for just one candidate.

In addition, we have received a further nine nominations for the remaining posts and these candidates are:

Professor Philip Bloom Mr Aman Coonar Professor Paul Corris
Mrs Sally Gordon-Boyd Professor Nadey Hakim Dr Barry Monk
Dr Suzy Walton Dr Ian White Dr Peter Wilson

Download candidate information.

To vote

Click on the 'cast your vote' button to access the ballot paper.

To ensure that all voters are RSM Members and that no individual has voted more than once, you will need to enter your membership number when you begin voting.

The election will take the form of a Single Transferable Vote system. When casting your vote, mark your preferred candidate with the number ‘1’, your second choice with the number ‘2’ and so on up to ‘9’. There must be no duplicates.

The deadline to submit the ballot papers is 12 noon, Wednesday 21 June 2017.


Posts available on Council

Council are also currently holding an election for the post of Honorary Librarian from among current trustees.

Because the Society’s Bylaws require there to be 12 elected trustees, the election to Honorary Librarian has an effect on the number of vacancies for election to Council. This is because, of the three nominations received, two are due to demit office as trustees on 30 September 2017.

Should one of these two candidates be elected as Honorary Librarian their term will be extended and there will be three vacancies (plus the trainee vacancy described above) for elected members of Council. Otherwise there will be four vacancies.

The Rules of the Society also require that at least seven of the 12 elected Members of Council must be in clinical practice. In order to comply with this rule, the two candidates who receive the highest number of votes and who are also in clinical practice out of the nine listed above, will be elected to Council. A further one or two candidates will also be elected and they may either be practicing or retired.