Professor John Axford


Professor Axford is a Consultant in Adult and Paediatric Rheumatology and Emeritus Professor of Clinical Rheumatology at St George’s, University of London. He has worked for over thirty years within the NHS. At St George’s University of London he has served on Council, was the Professor of Clinical Rheumatology and directed the Hotung Centre.  Similarly, he has been associated with the Royal Society of Medicine for over twenty years, having served on Council as a Trustee and as Honorary Secretary from 2007-2011, and is an Honorary Member of the Section of Clinical Immunology and Allergy.

Professor Axford works closely with the British Society of Rheumatology and has been the Vice Chair of the Education and Training Committee, where he was instrumental in establishing the revalidation course and e-learning venture.

He has written eighty nine peer reviewed papers and twenty books. He regularly gives scientific research presentations; both nationally and internationally. He has active research interest in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and lupus.