Marcus Beck Library Open Day 30 April between 10-4pm.

After the success of the inaugural Marcus Beck Library Open Day the space will be open again on 30 April between 10am-4pm.




There visitors will be able to peruse many of the rare books held within the Marcus Beck and the library rare books stacks. You will be able to view the signature of Guilotin in Nouvelles remarques sur la lithotomie : suivies de plusieurs observations sur la séparation du penis, et sur l'amputation des mammelles, which has recently been conserved by the RSM conservation volunteers. Also on display will be letters by Charcot, Darwin and Pasture among many more. This is a magnificent opportunity to view the rare books held within the RSM library collection.




If there are any texts you wish to see please email where we will be only too happy to place requested texts on display for the day.