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Looking ahead to 2023

As 2023 approaches, Royal Society of Medicine leaders share their thoughts on the coming year.

What does 2023 have in store? What should we be talking about?

Allyson Eagan

Dr Allyson Egan, President of the RSM Nephrology Section: “Integrated care. Understanding the role of education, service delivery and basic science in health and disease, combined with advances in therapeutics, is an exciting conversation for 2023. How these pillars intertwine to improve longevity, excellence in clinical care and enhanced quality of life is key to our preparedness for the future at the individual, community, and societal level.”

Roger Kirby

Professor Roger Kirby, RSM President: “With a post-pandemic future ahead of us, we are emerging into a new world of medical education. Online learning is here to stay, with webinars continuing to prove popular with our members. We will continue to focus on creating educational content of the highest quality for everyone participating in our learning programmes, both online and in person.”

Gillian Leng

Professor Gillian Leng, RSM Dean of Education: “In light of the current financial climate, I suspect we will all be talking about money, or lack of it! In our personal lives, and in the work of the RSM, we will all need to make sure we get the best value out of every pound we spend.”

Maggie Rae

Professor Maggie Rae, RSM Trustee and President of the RSM Epidemiology and Public Health Section: “The future of medicine. We have seen ground-breaking developments in medicine alongside the turmoil of major everyday challenges to the NHS. The RSM has to be at the heart of bringing people together and facilitating the big discussions about the future. That could be across a wide range of subjects: medical advances; health inequalities; engaging with patients; the health and social care workforce; and how to support future leaders. We might also want to ensure that we look at future pandemics or major incidents – can we prevent their impact?

What do you hope to achieve in the next 12 months?

AE: “In the current era, a multi-modality model of learning - with in-person educational events, webinars, podcasts, and academic literature (digital and print) - permits us to build our own portfolio of scholarly learning and professional development. I would like to continue to develop my own practice and, as President of the Nephrology Section, choreograph an annual programme that continues to build and expand on these modalities at the RSM.”

RK: “I really enjoy being President of the RSM and love working with our outstanding team. We need to continue to modernise our educational offering and our historic building without losing sight of our traditions and heritage, which date back more than two centuries.”

GL: “In my role as Dean, I want to use the next 12 months to build relationships with people across the organisation and to help shape a high-quality educational programme that is well recognised and highly respected.”

MR: “I would like to see more of our younger colleagues engaging with the RSM. We have a great deal we can learn from them and they have a fantastic opportunity for networking and benefitting from the experience and expertise of an amazing group of Fellows and members. The RSM is such a fantastic place and a great opportunity to learn and develop together. Equality and diversity has to be at the heart of everything we do.”

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