Telemedicine & eHealth Section meeting reports

6 May 2015

The Future of Medicine
The Institute of Engineering and Technology’s Healthcare Technologies Network and the Royal Society of Medicine recently held a seminar on the future of medicine and how medical practices will change. The IET have produced a Tech-Bite, which provides key insights and resources from the meeting.
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9 April 2015

Mainstreaming medical apps; reducing NHS costs; improving patient outcomes
On 9 April, the Section held a one-day conference on the key aspects of the development, regulation and benefits of medical apps,  and how to encourage use by both patients and clinicians.
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17 March 2015

Recent developments in digital health – 2015 conference
The RSM's 3rd annual 'Recent developments in digital health' conference provided an insight into how the NHS is lining up to integrate and deploy digital health technologies to advance patient care.
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5 June 2014

Big Health Data - Improving Patient Care?
On 5 June, the Section held the meeting ‘Big Health Data - Improving Patient Care?’, covering population health data, governance, data mining and care data.
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27 February 2014

Recent developments in digital health
This was the first conference in 2014 organised by the Royal Society of Medicine’s Telemedicine & eHealth Section.
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25 November 2013

Ageing well - how can technology help
The Royal Society of Medicine’s Telemedicine & eHealth Section held its annual conference at the end of November, on the topic of how technology can help people age well.
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