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The Otology Section’s purpose is to support the clinical practice of diseases of the ear, providing education, supporting and recognising research and seeking interface with other Sections in mutually relevant areas. This Section meets on the same day as the Rhinology and Laryngology Section, on the first Friday of November, December, February, March and May.

Upcoming webinars

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JLO Visiting Professor: Magic of middle ear surgery

This webinar will explore advances in ossiculoplasty techniques and managing conductive hearing loss. The main talk will be given by Robert Vincent from the Causse Ear Clinic in France. There will be further talks from a number of experts on the topics such as: results in stapes surgery, the Carina implant and Ketacem cement in ossiculoplasty.

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Free Webinar CPD

RSM and BSO COVID-19 Otology series: International perspectives on otology and COVID-19

This is part-2 of a three part series on otology and COVID-19. Tune into to listen to four of the world's leading ear surgeons with differing experience of COVID-19 to share their experiences and thoughts on both dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and returning to normal outpatient practice and ear surgery.

Section Council members

Section meetings and conferences are usually organised by members of the Section Council, led by the Section President and often in collaboration with specialist societies.


Mr Christopher Aldren