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These rates are valid until 30 September 2014

For Membership fee rates please see below. Fees are normally tax-deductable if working in the UK.

For further help choosing which subscription is suited to you, please see our detailed information on Membership categories.

To pay by Direct Debit and save up to £30, phone us now on +44 (0) 20 7290 2993

Membership type Membership Fee
(with free online JRSM)
Regional Fellow (existing)£405
Overseas Fellow£230
Young Fellow (FY1)£90
Young Fellow (FY2)£135
Young Fellow (StR1 or worked up to 3 years)£160
Young Fellow (StR2 or worked up to 4 years)£195
Young Fellow (StR3 or worked up to 5 years)£220
Young Fellow (StR4 or worked up to 6 years)£235
Young Fellow (StR5 or worked up to 7 years)£260
Young Fellow (StR6 or worked up to 8 years)£285
Young Fellow (StR7 or worked up to 9 years)£335
Young Fellow (StR8 or worked up to 10 years)£385
Senior Associate (more than five years working in any career)£225
Senior Associate (Overseas)£195
Associate (fewer than five years working)£120
Student (payment for 1 year)£50
Student (payment for 2 years)£60
Student (payment for 3 years)£70
Student Associate (payment for 1 year)£50
Retired Associate£175
Retired (Overseas)£165

Please note: For methods of payment other than Direct Debit, an administration fee of up to £30 will apply. This does not apply to Overseas Fellows. Alternatively you can pay quarterly. Call us to arrange this.

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Additional Options

This is available for the partner or spouse of a Fellow and enables them to use the facilities on their own for £75 a year.


Annual CPD Subscription for RSM Videos - £95 per year

Printed JRSM - £24

Join the Retired Fellows Society - £20 per year

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If you need any help or assistance with your application, please contact our Membership team.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7290 2993

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Terms and conditions

Once your renewal instructions have been received and payment made, your membership is reinstated in full immediately.  No subscription refunds are payable unless your membership category needs to be amended (within 5 working days of the payment being received) and a lower fee is to be charged. In this situation the appropriate refund will be confirmed by our membership team within 5 working days and a refund made to your credit card within 14 working days.
RSM membership is an allowable expense and can be claimed on your tax return.  The membership subscription includes a small element of VAT towards the cost of ejournals and elearning.