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Press notes: 21 January 2022

Coming up week commencing 24 January 2022

Wednesday 26 January: webinar 7.00pm to 8.05pm
Professor Gillian Leng, NICE Chief Executive, will join Professor Roger Kirby, RSM President, for a conversation about her career, how NICE COVID-19 guidelines have changed with the evolution of new evidence about the virus, and how NICE engages with and propels the life science industry by supporting and providing health technology assessment.
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Tuesday 25 January: webinar 9.10am to 5.30pm
Wednesday 26 January: webinar 9.10am to 4.10pm
This two-day webinar seeks to promote understanding and increased knowledge amongst pathologists and scientists on disease models, molecular technologies, and the integration of digital pathology in the training of the next generation of histopathologists.
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Tuesday 25 January: webinar 6.00pm to 8.30pm
A new multidisciplinary approach to working with parents and high-risk infants will be presented at this webinar, together with with up-to-date research on the outcomes and neurodevelopment needs of high-risk, premature, and sick infants.

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Notes to editors

Follow this link for more information about the full programme of education at the RSM.

The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) is a registered charity and membership organisation. Our vision is better healthcare for better lives. By sharing learning and supporting innovation our goal is to be the leading provider of continuing learning to healthcare professionals.

We deliver multidisciplinary, specialist and general education, as well as professional development, drawing on the support of leading experts in over 50 specialist areas of medicine.

We are home to one of the finest physical and digital medical libraries in the world. Our learning resources span a wide collection of books, journals, electronic journals and online medical databases.

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