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Press note: 15 October 2021

Tuesday 19 October: 6.30pm to 7.45pm – Livestream

Guiding nanoscalpels in the brain, listening to the sound of cells, and making the body transparent. In this year’s RSM Ellison Cliffe lecture, neurophysiologist Professor Mark Lythgoe will explore the next generation of imaging technologies that make the invisible, visible.

For a free press pass email or call the Royal Society of Medicine Media Office on 07785 182732.

Wednesday 20 October: 7.00pm to 8.05pm – Webinar

Peter Cardwell, award-winning broadcaster and political commentator will join Professor Henrietta Bowden-Jones for a conversation about journalism, his political career, including the events that led him to pen The Secret Life of Special Advisers, and his new venture with Home REIT, a closed-ended investment company that intends to be part of the solution to the homelessness crisis in the UK.

Follow this link to register free on Zoom

Other news 

The RSM has launched a new five-year strategy. Centring around a vision of better healthcare for better lives, the strategy sets out the RSM’s plans for a transformed and modernised Society, supporting today’s healthcare leaders and the experts of tomorrow. Follow this link to read more about the RSM’s mission to share learning and support innovation. 

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