Keeping your copying legal

In many cases RSM members will want to make their own copies from the library’s collection. The RSM has a licence with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) which allows members to make photocopies of extracts of copyright protected printed books, journals and copying of digital content, e.g. e-books, PDF files.


From electronic subscriptions in line with the limits set out below: 

one whole chapter from a book
one whole article from a journal issue
one whole paper from a set of conference proceedings
one whole report of a single case from a volume of judicial proceedings
OR 5% of any of the above, whichever is the greater 


The CLA licence does not allow you to copy:

Maps, charts or books of tables
Unpublished works
Works on the CLA’s Excluded Works list
Works by US publishers who are not on the CLA’s list of participating US publishers.


Photocopying under “fair dealing”:

RSM members may also photocopy under the concept of “fair dealing” set out in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. It covers reproduction of published material for criticism and review, non-commercial research, and news reporting only. In line with the limits set out below: 

You produce no more than a single copy for your own personal use. e.g. multiple copying is not permitted under “fair dealing” (but is permitted for works covered by the CLA business licence for the Academic Board and the Deans of the society).

The copying is for non-commercial private study or research. e.g. if you are carrying out research for a fee, you cannot copy under “fair dealing”.

You acknowledge the source of the copy.

You do not copy an “unfair” proportion of the work - Up to 5% or one chapter, one article (whichever is greater).