MGP Ltd publish three publications: Guidelines, Guidelines in Practice and Guidelines for Nurses which are freely accessible from their website to GPs and nurses based in the UK. They work with over 50 major organisations and independent professional bodies, including NICE and SIGN, to encourage best practice in healthcare through the implementation of clinical guidelines. The Guidelines publication, in particular, provides over 200 concise summaries of the key points of major primary and shared care guidelines suitable for UK clinical practice including some European guidelines. These summaries often include a care pathway of management algorithms with diagnostic questions. Links to the original full guidance for a complete set of recommendations is available at the end of the summary. The summaries are reviewed at least once a year. Guidelines in Practice and Guidelines for Nurses also contain evidence-based feature and opinion articles on a range of clinical topics aiding clinical practice, learning, implementation and commissioning. All three publications are available as freely downloadable apps which are updated monthly and don’t require an Internet connection once downloaded. Free registration is available for all UK-based healthcare professionals for additional features such as earning CPD credits, downloading educational resources and viewing new guidance on the guidance tracker. 

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