Sublux is a free educational tool aimed at medical students and junior doctors to assist them with X-ray analysis. Access to over 200 X-rays pathologies are available alongside evidence-based advice on how to manage them.

From the drop down menu, various parts of the body arranged in four broad categories (arm, leg, spine, and torso) can be selected. Each body section includes a series of images with tips on what to look for. The More Views option contains X-ray images taken from various angles. Clicking on the Label button gives a description of the different structures of the bones, whereas the Injuries button displays the most common disorders related to that particular body part. The information attached to each condition starts with a broad introduction where causes and symptoms are covered. Guidance on what to look for in the X-ray follows before a short section on how to manage the injury.

Although primarily aimed at medical students and junior doctors, any healthcare professional involved in X-rays reading may find this app useful.

This app is currently only available for iOS devices. 

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