The RSM Global Health website is a resource for individuals who wish to learn and engage in any aspect of the global health agenda. It provides a focus for RSM members to share their experiences and aspirations in this important area of healthcare whilst also facilitating institutional and individual access to new initiatives.

The website is designed to be simple to use and provides access to an international range of academic, governmental and charitable initiatives.

A key feature of the global health programme at the RSM is our focus on educational initiatives, delivered in partnership with a range of other national and international programmes.

Aims of the website:

  1. To educate interested individuals who are unfamiliar with the field of global health.
  2. To offer easy access to a range of programmes in the area of global health (including training opportunities).
  3. To provide a forum for networking and discussion amongst colleagues who are active within the global health arena.
  4. To facilitate access for UK and overseas individuals and organisations to the global health resources of the RSM.

Steering Group

Professor Parveen Kumar
Past President, RSM
Professor John Betteridge
Dean, RSM
Mr B. Sethia
President Elect, RSM
Mr Ian Balmer
Chief Executive, RSM
Professor Tony Redmond
Fellow, RSM
Professor Lesley Regan
Fellow, RSM
Dr Maysoon Dahab
RSM Head of Global Health

Felicity Jones
Medical Student