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The RSM has formed a new partnership with the King’s Centre for Global Health (KCGH) at King’s College London to deliver an enhanced global health programme at the RSM. The programme launched in September 2016, and a global health vision has been developed to address the fundamentals of this progressive programme.

Led by Andy Leather, KCGH Director, Paula Baraitser, KCGH Director of Education and Fawzia Gibson-Fall KCL/RSM Teaching Fellow in global health, the programme's main agenda is to make the RSM a leader in the field by addressing key issues facing global health today.

This will be done by introducing three key programmatic streams:

  1. Education: support the national global health education agenda by promoting the development of a global health curriculum at all stages of health professional education and for all health professional groups.
  2. Emergencies: provide a neutral forum for those interested in prevention of and response to humanitarian crises, to develop and share best practices of intervention.
  3. Big issues: foster open discussion on pressing global health challenges to encourage debate and evidence based policy responses.


Through the introduction of the three streams, the RSM’s Global Health programme will aim to:

  • Deliver a monthly global health educational offering
  • Reach a diverse audience and include the public in current global health conversations
  • Involve key stakeholders in new thinking around undergraduate and post-graduate global health education
  • Enable conversations on health systems strengthening and evidence-based policy for global social justice
  • Encourage practitioners to engage with global health issues
  • Partner with key institutions and organisations working to improve health and social justice worldwide

Regular meetings and conferences, which focus on one or more of the programme streams, are being planned, all of which will critically analyse and debate the important global health issues of our times. Topics covered will include strengthening health systems in Sierra Leone, man-made disasters, global ageing and advocacy in global LGBT health.

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