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The Global Library of Women's Medicine

The Global Library of Women's Medicine describes itself as 'a major not-for-profit initiative to provide medical professionals worldwide with free and universal access to a vast and constantly updated, peer-reviewed resource of clinical information and guidance'. It is produced by The Foundation for The Global Library of Women's Medicine, under licence from Sapiens Global Library Limited, and was developed from the six-volume, encyclopedic textbook Gynecology & Obstetrics, that was first published in 1934 and that has been edited for the last 30 years by Professor John J. Sciarra.

The site consists of 442 specialist chapters, which are contributed to by over 750 expert clinicians, in addition to surgical videos, diagnostic atlases, laboratory tests and a special section on 'safer motherhood'. Major topics include breast cancer, fertility, foetal medicine, menopause management, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, infectious diseases and contraception. There is a basic search function which allows you to search by subtopic or chapter title, and you can also browse by topic.

The site is updated as soon as significant new developments take place, and they pride themselves on their currency. Everything which appears on the site must have been reviewed by at least one other medical specialist. There is a significant bias towards US research, given the origins of the editors, but there is much here of use to clinicians and other medical professionals involved in women's healthcare across the world.

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