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The predecessor specialist societies

Catalogues to the archives of the Royal Society of Medicine and its predecessors are now online at

200 years of RSM history has been made more accessible through the Flesh and Blood Access to Archives (A2A) project. Records from 1805-1907 can be found by searching under the names of our predecessor societies (listed below). Records dating from 1907-1975 are listed under 'Royal Society of Medicine'. The full catalogues can be downloaded from the site.

Most of these amalgamated with the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society in 1907 to become Sections of the Royal Society of Medicine.

The archives include records from the following societies:
Society of Anaesthetists 1893-1908
British Balneological and Climatology Society 1895-1909
Clinical Society of London 1868-1907
Dermatological Society of London 1882-1907
Dermatological Society of Great Britain and Ireland 1894-1907
Society for the Study of Diseases in Children 1900-1908
British Electrotherapeutic Society 1901-1907
Epidemiological Society of London 1850-1907
British Gynaecological Society 1884-1907
British Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Association 1888-1907
Laryngological Society of London 1893-1907
Neurological Society 1886-1907
Obstetrical Society of London 1858-1907
Odontological Society of Great Britain 1856-1907
Otological Society of the United Kingdom 1899-1907
Pathological Society of London 1846-1907
Therapeutical Society 1902-1907
The Royal Society of Medicine (Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society until 1805)
Council minutes and attendance books from 1805
General Scientific Meetings minutes and papers from 1834
Charters, by-laws and related papers from 1834
Financial records from 1874
Deeds & Building records from 1796
General correspondence from 1890
Emergency Surgical Aid Executive Committee 1914-1926
Surgical Advisory Committee 1917-1919
War-time committees on Physical Protection of Members of the Fighting Forces, Interned Medical Aliens, and Inter-Allied Conferences on War Medicine 1940-1945
Ministry of Health and Advisory Committee on Public Health and Welfare of the Medical Profession 1918-1922
Welfare of the Medical Profession 1918-1922
Venereal Diseases Committee 1913-1914
Physical Health Committee 1920
Prevention of Cancer Committee 1923
Committee on Schaeffer Method of Resuscitation 1908
Scientific Committee 1861-1893
Medical Parliamentary Committee 1918
Ministry of Health Committee 1918-1922
Amalgamation correspondence 1903-1907
Conference programmes from 1980
Lectureships, prizes and medal papers from 1873
Section Records

Includes council and meeting minutes, attendance books, programmes, some correspondence and related papers.
Full list of Sections past and present

Fora Records

Includes Fora programmes and minutes.
Full list of past fora.

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