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Videos from recent RSM events

The RSM is hosting a number events which are available for you to view for free. Here is a selection:

  • Jephcott Lecture with Michael Buerk: The people problem; the danger of human success
    Acclaimed journalist Michael Buerk discusses how we are facing demographic disaster due to overpopulation, and why this important topic is rarely discussed. He also questions what might be done about this complex issue.
  • Inventing an auto-disable syringe
    Marc Koska is the inventor of an auto-disable syringe and founder of the charity SafePoint.
  • Spotlight on infectious diseases: Malaria
    Dr Cunnington, Research Fellow, LSHTM, discusses the hidden burden of malaria, an area that is not very well publicised.
  • From research to eye health programmes and policy: examples from developing countries
    Professor Clare Gilbert, International Centre for Eye Health (ICEH), highlights some areas of research that her group has been involved with and how the findings have been used to influence programme development and policy.
  • Global Health: The NHS and the World, Careers of the Future
    Mr Peter Lees looks at the ways in which the NHS could become more involved in global health and how it can benefit the NHS and its employees.
  • Mobiles Transforming Data Collection in Developing Countries
    The explosion of mobile phone use in developing countries is helping to transform healthcare. Dr Joel Selanikio discusses a system that uses mobiles to significantly improve the collection of vital information on vaccination rates and instances of HIV.
  • Harnessing the HIV Virus
    Professor Mary Collins is leading a team of scientists who are devising ways to turn HIV's lethal properties on their head and to harness the virus so that it can be used to treat a range of diseases.
  • Medical Innovations Briefing: ColaLife
    Mr Simon Berry, founder of ColaLife, has invented a unique way to distribute essential medical supplies across Africa.
  • Economic Instability: Why, when and where it matters to population health
    Professor George Kaplan, Thomas Francis Collegiate Professor of Public Health, Emeritus, University of Michigan, USA, discusses the ways in which the economic downturn affects population health in the UK, US and Sweden as part of the symposium, 'Health, wealth and ways of life - what can we learn from the Swedish, US and UK experience?'.
  • Three Nations, One Global Economy, One Search For Health?
    Professor Finn Diderichsen, Professor at the Department of Social Medicine, Copenhagen, compares health policy and health inequalities in Scandinavia, the UK and the US as part of the symposium, 'Health, wealth and ways of life - what can we learn from the Swedish, UK and US experience?'.
  • A fridge-free vaccine for the developing world
    Professor Adrian Hill, Professor of Human Genetics and Chairman of the Centre for Clinical Vaccinology and Tropical Medicine at Oxford University, is developing vaccines with colleagues at the Jenner Institute that do not need to be refrigerated. The technology involves glass-forming sugars that stabilise the vaccines at high temperatures. Part of the RSM Medical Innovations Summit 2010.
  • Personal and Professional Preparation for Working Overseas
    Mr Steve Mannion, Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, founder of charity Feet First, Past President of the RSM's Catastrophes & Conflict Forum and Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, discuss his experiences working overseas and the opportunities available to medical students and doctors.

Podcasts from RSM Development office's Breakfast Briefings

The RSM Development Office hosts a number of high level guest speakers. These events
provide a platform for presentations about global health work and provide the speakers with an opportunity to connect with the medical community. Here is a selection of recent podcasts:

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