Using the internet to practice medicine: Increasing efficiency, widening access, improving quality

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Venue: Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, LONDON, W1G 0AE

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Registration Details:
RSM Trainee: £80
RSM Student: £35
Consultant/GP: £115
Trainee: £90
AHP/Nurse/Midwife: £90
Student: £40
RSM Fellow: £100
RSM Associate: £80
Patient/Carer: £35
Dinner: £35

Meeting ref: TEA03

9.00 am

Registration with tea and coffee
Chair: Dr Carl Shakespeare, President, Telemedicine & eHealth Section

9.30 am

Introductory keynote
Richard Smith, Chair, Patients Know Best

Session 1

9.45 am

Review of the medical literature for patient computer dialogue :
How does the explosion in computer use by patients impact on the provision of healthcare?
Prof Ray Jones

Session 2

10.15 am

The Mayo study on online consultations - A demonstration and the results of a pilot study of 2531 online consultations
Prof John Bachman

11.00 am

Tea and coffee break

Session 3

11.30 am

Patient empowerment in the UK - Case Study: Thalidomide Trust at the intersection of medicine, the internet, and the empowered patient in UK
Mandy de la Mare and Dr Richard Sills

12.00 pm

Morning session summary -
Panel discussion: UK experts challenge presenters, each other, and audience

12.30 pm

Lunch break

Session 4

1.30 pm

Practical aspects of using the internet for the delivery of medicine: Where we are now
Prof John Bachman, Dr Allen Wenner and others

Session 5

2.00 pm

Change and change management: Steps for systems to improve care -
What are the steps an ordinary surgery or hospital could take to handle more patients faster and with better outcomes?
Prof John Bachman

2.30 pm

Tea and coffee break

Session 6

3.00 pm

What we can be doing now: How lessons learned can translate to new opportunities for efficiency and quality improvement in health care in the UK
UK General Practices and Dr Allen Wenner

3.30 pm

Afternoon session summary
Panel discussion: UK experts challenge presenters, each other and audience
Dr Allen Wenner, Prof John Bachman, Prof Ray Jones and others

4.00 pm

Close of meeting

7.00 pm

For those who have pre-registered

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