Interventional cosmetics: New and controversial treatments

Monday 25 February 2013

Venue: Royal Society Of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, LONDON, W1G 0AE

This meeting is part of a series of meetings
RSM Professionals Patient Safety Series

RSM Professionals Patient Safety Series

Interventional cosmetics is the most rapidly growing branch of medicine and surgery today, and has fired the public's imagination. Improvements in treatment methods and treatment devices are continually extending the ability of doctors and dentists to provide aesthetic enhancement, not only for patients with illness but also for healthy people, whether old or young.

Educational aims and objectives
The symposium aims to provide an update in the latest trends and techniques in interventional cosmetics with respect to the face. Following this symposium the delegate will be conversant with recent advances in knowledge and skills in this area.

Who should attend?
Any medical practitioners interested in interventional cosmetics including cosmetic physicians, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, ENT surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, general medical practitioners with an interest in cosmetics, maxillofacial surgeons, oral surgeons, plastic surgeons.

Registration for this meeting has now closed. Places are still available, you will need to register on the day of meeting however, please note that lunch cannot be guaranteed for those who register on the day. For further information please contact Melissa Henry on 020 7290 3928.

8.30 am

Registration and coffee

8.55 am

Welcome address
Professor John Betteridge
Dean, Royal Society of Medicine

Session one: Botulinum - New indications and misconceptions
Chair: Barbara Jemec
Immediate Past President, RSM Section of Plastic Surgery
London, UK

9.00 am

New cosmetic applications for botulinum
Wolfgang Philipp-Dormston
Consultant Dermatologist
Chairman German Dermatology Working Party for Botulinum
Cologne, Germany

9.25 am

Botulinum misconceptions
Patrick Treacy
President of the Irish Association of Cosmetic Doctors
Dublin, Ireland

9.50 am

Q&A session

10.20 am

Tea and coffee break

Session two: Periorbital fillers - indications and complications
Chair: Richard Sibthorpe
British College of Aesthetic Medicine
London, UK

10.50 am

Fillers within the orbital rim
Wayne Carey
Consultant Dermatologist
Montreal, Canada

11.15 am

Blindness & worse after filler injections
Lucy Glancey
Cosmetic Surgeon
London, UK

11.40 am

Mini-liposuction & Mini-lipofilling of the face
Loek Habema
Bussom Netherlands

12.05 pm

Q&A session

12.30 pm

Lunch and viewing of posters

1.40 pm

Presentation of the RSM-ICG poster prize
Kamran Abassi
Editor, Journal of the RSM

Session three: The nose
Chair: Ian Mackay
Past-President, RSM Sections of Otology and Laryngology & Rhinology
London, UK

1.50 pm

Medical rhinoplasty - myth or reality
Jean-Pierre Amsellem
Cosmetic Doctor
Bordeaux, France

2.15 pm

Four approaches to cosmetic enhancement to the nose
Jean-Pierre Amsellem
Cosmetic Doctor
Bordeaux, France

David Dunaway
Craniofacial Plastic Surgeon
London, UK

Julian Rowe Jones
Nasal Plastic Surgeon
London, UK

Christopher Rowland Payne
London, UK

3.30 pm

Tea and coffee

Session four: Practical demonstrations
Chair: Dr Christopher Rowland Payne
Sec-Gen (Past President) European Society for Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dermatology
London, UK

4.00 pm

Live demonstration of medical rhinoplasty
Jean-Pierre Amsellem
Paris, France

Live demonstration of intraorbital filler injection
Wayne Carey
Montreal, Canada

5.00 pm

Q&A session

5.10 pm

Completion of evaluation forms and final remarks

5.15 pm

Close of meeting

Meeting ref: RPD11

CPD (Applied for)

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