Patient Safety trainees meeting: Reporting for duty

Friday 30 November 2012

Venue: Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, LONDON, W1G 0AE

Please note online booing for this meeting is now closed. There are still places on the day, however catering can not be guaranteed.

AIMS: To develop the understanding of trainee doctors of their role as advocates for patient safety

OBJECTIVES : At the end of the meeting participants will:
Recognise and identify risks in health care
Understand how to develop safety tools
Understand the national framework for improving safety
Be familiar with some of the regulations supporting safety


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8.30 am

Registration, tea and coffee

9.00 am

President's welcome and chair's opening remarks
President's welcome and chair's opening remarks
Dr Natasha Robinson, Consultant Anaesthetist and Associate Medical Director, Northampton General Hospital

9.05 am

Leadership, safety and change: A perspective on junior doctors' contributions
Dr Nick Sevdalis, Senior Lecturer, Department of Surgery & Cancer, Imperial College, London

9.40 am

Safety over the years: Are things getting better or worse?
Dr Idr Fiona Moss CBE, Director of Medical and Dental Education Commissioning, London Deanary

10.15 am

Tea and coffee break

10.30 am

First choice of breakout sessions

11.10 am

Second choice of breakout sessions

11.50 am

Third choice of breakout sessions

a. DAPS (Doctors Advancing Patient Safety) : Learning to make a difference by reporting and improving
Dr Sarah Hammond, Consultant Anaesthetist, St George's Hospital

b. IHI OS (Institute of Healthcare Improvement Open School): Join an international project and learn improvement skills
Dr Andrew Carson-Stevens, Clinical Lecturer in Health Care Improvement, Dr Aled Jones and Nicola Davey, Cardiff University

c. MPS (Medical Protection Society): What to do when something goes wrong
Professor Carol Seymour, MPS London

d. BMJ (British Medical Journal) : Get your project published
Dr Ashley McKimm, Head of Quality, BMJ

12.30 pm

Lunch and poster presentations

Dr Imran Qureshi, Clinical Lead for Quality & Safety, BMJ, London

1.30 pm

A Mother's story
Ms Stephanie Hart, Mediccal Student, St George's Hospital

2.00 pm

DAPS toolbox: Knowledge is power and efficiency
Dr Will Barker, FY2, Guy's St Thomas's Hospitals

2.15 pm

Worthing handover programme: Teaching handover to medical students
Dr Edward Palmer, FY2, Lewisham

2.30 pm

Using data to improve safety in cardiac surgery
Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of the NHS

3.15 pm

Tea and coffee break

3.30 pm

'Dragons Den' - Trainees presentations

4.20 pm

Judging panel
Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, Ms Fiona Godlee, Dr Sukhmeet Panesar, Imperial College, London and Dr Ashley McKimm, Head of Quality, BMJ Group

4.40 pm

Prize presentations and closing remarks

4.50 pm

Completion of evaluation forms

4.45 pm

Close of meeting

Meeting ref: PAD01

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