Public health science: A national conference dedicated to new research in public health

Friday 23 November 2012

Venue: Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, LONDON, W1G 0AE

Aim and purpose of event: The Royal Society of Medicine, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, National Heart Forum, and The Lancet invite abstract submissions for a national conference dedicated to new research in public health. This multi-disciplinary event aims to showcase the exceptional talent and creativity in the UK public health research community, across all aspects of public health and inclusive of all methodological approaches, with a special focus on the intersection between public health science and policy. This will be an abstract-driven event with keynote speakers from leaders in public health. Peer-reviewed abstracts will be published online in The Lancet.

Please note that the date for abstract submissions has now passed and we are no longer accepting new submissions.

You may also be interested to attend a screening of the Call Me Kuchu, hosted by the RSM Global Health Film Initiative, in association with the Section of Epidemiology and Public Health, directly after this meeting at 6.30pm. Register here

*****Please note online registration for this meeting is now closed. Places are available on the day but lunch cannot be guaranteed*****

9.00 am

Registration, tea and coffee

9.30 am

Welcome and introduction
Richard Horton, The Lancet
and Rob Aldridge, University College London

Creativity and innovation in public health science
Chair: Simon Capewell, University of Liverpool and Louise Hurst, NHS East London and The City

9.40 am

Effectiveness of an internet-delivered cognitive-behavioural aid to improve mental wellbeing: A randomised controlled trial
Professor John Powell, Senior Clinical Researcher, University of Oxford

Exploring the use of physical loyalty cards for behaviour change in public health: A randomised controlled trial
Dr Ruth Hunter, Research Fellow, Queen's University Belfast

The effect of plain cigarette packaging on attention to health warnings
Dr Kate Mandeville, Public Health Specialist, World Bank

Development and use of a privacy protecting total population record linkage system to support observational, interventional and policy relevant research
Professor Ronan Lyons, Professor of Public Health, College of Medicine, Swansea University

Effect of restrictions on television food advertising to children on exposure to advertisements for 'less healthy' foods: A repeat cross-sectional study
Dr Jean Adams, Senior Lecturer in Public Health, Newcastle University

The role of dietary choices in cognitive behaviour: A prospective population- based study
Miss Dorina Cadar, PhD Student, University College London

11.10 am

Tea, coffee and poster viewing

Methodological approaches to public health science
Chair: Klim McPherson, National Heart Forum
and Neeraj Bhala, Clinical Trial Service Unit, University of Oxford

11.45 am

Future modelling of chronic diseases: Foresight and beyond
Dr Tim Marsh, Director, Modelling, National Heart Forum

Development of a CONSORT extension for interventions in public health and related disciplines
Mr Sean Grant, Doctoral Candidate, Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention, University of Oxford

Machine learning and sentiment analysis of unstructured free-text information about patient experience online
Dr Felix Greaves, Research Fellow, Imperial College

The Public Health Responsibility Deal: How should such a complex public health policy be assessed?
Professor Mark Petticrew, Professor of Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Hospital and community transmission of Clostridium difficile: A genome sequencing study
Dr David Eyre, NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Multidisciplinary group performance in the context of integrated care: Measurement of integration intensity
Dr Matthew Harris, Academic Clinical Lecturer, Imperial College London

1.15 pm

Lunch and poster viewing

Intersection between public health science and policy
Chair: Martin McKee, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Katie Cole, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

2.15 pm

From tobacco control research to policy: The example of smoke-free legislation in England
Dr Michelle Sims, Research Fellow, University of Bath

Public health science systems and policies: The UK in a European context
Professor Mark McCarthy, Professor of Public Health, University College London

Formulating and implementing of evidence-based public health policy in political environments: The health trainer service initiative in England.
Dr Jonathan Mathers, Research Fellow, University of Birmingham

Public health science and minimum unit pricing for alcohol: Learning from Scotland.
Ms Clare Beeston, Principle Public Health Advisor, NHS Health Scotland

The appraisal of public health interventions
Dr Alastair Fischer, Health Economist, NICE

People power or pester power? Multiple sclerosis, YouTube, and the liberation procedure
Mr Braden O'Neill, DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford

3.45 pm

Tea, coffee and poster viewing

Visions for the future of public health - science
Chair: Simon Capewell, University of Liverpool

4.15 pm

Keynote speech: Intersection between public health and policy - the science and art of increasing the impact of our work and its translation into policy
Martin McKee, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Keynote speech: A brave new world of public health - how to ensure UK public health science remains world class
Klim McPherson, National Heart Forum,

Open discussion chaired by Simon Capewell, University of Liverpool

5.15 pm

Completion of evaluation forms

5.20 pm

Closing remarks
Richard Horton, The Lancet

Meeting ref: EPD01

CPD: 5 credits

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